Caring Transitions is an exceptional group. Our experience with you all was extremely helpful, less stressful for us and you did a magnificent job all around. We will highly recommend you! Caring Transitions is all you promised it to be.”

Dorie B, Fish Creek (relocated to Austin, TX) – 12/2015

We had a fantastic experience with Mary Kay of Caring Transitions. She was incredibly helpful and always quick to respond with any questions we had about items. We couldn't have been happier with the pieces we purchased. I would highly recommend working with her. A true professional.”

Andrew B, Green Bay – 09/2014

Mary Kay and company, you all did such a great job. Thank you so much, from our family to yours!”

Sharon S, Green Bay (Oshkosh) – 09/2014

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and professionalism.  The house looks amazing!!  If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to use me. Thanks again!!!”

Ellen M, Allouez (Chicago, IL) – 08/2014

It all started because I wanted a new bed! I had been sleeping in that 1920’s beautiful walnut poster bed for over 20 years and I loved the feel and color of that mellowed wood. There was a new mattress placed on that bed about 10 years ago and it was still pretty comfortable. But, the bed was just too small.

What do I do with that walnut poster bed and the two matching dressers? They were in such good condition but my children had their big king sized beds and they were not interested. Over the past years I have had many treasures that were now stacked in boxes in the basement or tucked into cabinets throughout the house. There were many thoughts racing through my head. What do I do with all my “stuff?”

My new bed was ordered and on route from the manufacturer so I had some time to collect my thoughts and realized that I simply needed to downsize. I checked out this new business I had been hearing about called Caring Transitions of Northeast Wisconsin. Into my life entered Mary Kay and her husband Paul. What a wonderful pair of “angels” they were for me.

First, they came and talked to me about their services and how that beautiful bedroom set would certainly be of value to someone. We talked about my boxes of Stangl birds, my 1900’s cranberry glass collection, and my Star Wars ornaments. Before long I realized I could accomplish my goals of downsizing my household, receive value for my collections of the past, and also to realize some additional cash to purchase the new bedspread, pillows and curtains for my bedroom.

Mary Kay and Paul began to explain to me the process and soon they were advising me of each step. It was wonderful and they did all the work! They helped identify items, they cleaned items, and they photographed all the items. When I thought they were finished, they were actually just going home to research and write descriptions for each item.

Soon, with my permission of course, there was a very interesting on-line auction! Oh, how nice those items looked! Some items attracted many bids and some of my perceived treasures were not so popular. It was actually interesting to watch the on-line sale from my bedroom computer.

The sale is now completed. Mary Kay and Paul packed my treasures into boxes for each bidder to pick-up. My emotions were ones of satisfaction and completion. I had loved my treasures over the years but like my bed, they too, had outlived their usefulness. I was happy with the extra space in my house and my new bed!”

Mary S. - Green Bay - 03/2014

"We were living 700 miles away when our lake home sold. Having no idea how to manage the liquidation of the furniture, we did an internet search for Estate Sale companies. We reached out to Caring Transitions on New Years Day (we were desperate!) not expecting to hear back on a holiday. Within 20 mins Mary Kay emailed that she'd be available to talk THAT DAY. After talking with her, we felt one thousand pounds of burden lift off of our shoulders. She assured us that she'd orchestrate the entire moving process, which included:

* Selling all items we designated and managing the pick-up
* Cleaning out a very messy boathouse that was covered in snow in the bitter wind and cold
* Managing a team of movers to transport key items to our FT residence
* Ensuring the house was cleaned properly
* and so much more.

Mary Kay and Paul exceeded all of our expectations. They communicated every step of the way with us and were always positive and comforting to us. Trying to manage this on our own, several states away, would have been a nightmare. Caring Transitions made it a dream."

Maripat A. - Luxemburg WI - 02/2014

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with everything you did. If you ever need a testimonial for using your services, I will be more than happy to let anyone know how pleased we were.”

- Jill H. - Ellison Bay - 07/2013


Many, many thanks from all of us! You made a difficult process so much easier. And so professionally done. Much appreciated.”

- Susan B. - Green Bay - 05/2013

Thank you for everything. The move was made so much easier because of you. You are providing a wonderful service – you worked your butts off, all this in one day. This has made the transition for Ruth so much nicer as you set up her new apartment just the way she liked it. Thank you again.”

- Bill M. - Suamico - 01/2014

It is such a relief that I don't have to deal with this anymore. I am so thankful for you!  Don't know what I would have done without you.”

- Virginia B. - Kewaunee - 08/2013

You helped out [our mom] wonderfully so she could help herself about moving into a new season of her life.”

- Debbie M. - Sister Bay - 10/2013

 Thank you so much for inspiring me, educating me, and helping me to get organized with our things. If anyone needs someone to help them stay on task with cleaning out an attic, basement, garage, or any space...Mary Kay Minnis is the person you need to manage your project!”

Michelle B. - Green Bay - 01/2013

“You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by taking charge of a job that I was too busy to complete myself.”

Kim S.

“You took care of everything professionally, and we felt you really cared about us and about treating (my aunt’s) things with respect. You were a lifesaver.”
Jim R.

“We appreciated all the work you did after the estate sale: cleaning up the house, finding appropriate places to donate unsold items, and overseeing disposal of things that could not be donated.”
Donna B.

“Thank you Caring Transitions, for the help you provided in my recent estate sale. Not only was it profitable, but you also made it fun!”
Maria G.

“In a few short weeks, you tuned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into a well-organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations…”
Curt M.